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Several Members of the Opposition and Members of Government are being tapped. It is no secret, everyone knows about it.

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This question has caused a stir within some organisations. NSA spying on Merkel and her staff had gone on far longer and more widely than previously realised. The NSA targeted phone numbers of top German officials for long-term surveillance. The intercepts released detailed communications from Merkel in regarding the international financial crisis, with the crown prince of the United Arab Emirates in on Iran, and with advisers in on the eurozone crisis.

Secret government documents, published by the media in , confirm the NSA obtains full copies of everything that is carried along major domestic fibre optic cable networks.

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And it happens all over the world! Parents monitor their children to make sure that everything is alright with them.

It is a great helper for parental control. The business owners track their employees to protect their businesses from leakage of information and using it for unfair competition. Individuals spy on their spouses and significant others to make sure that they are not betrayed. You can do it using special agencies or electronic equipment.

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But what way is really the best? The answer is easy. Just like a special kind of keylogger software which records every activity on the PC. Cell phone spy apps tap thanks to the state of the art technology.

A History of Wire-Tapping | The New Yorker

However, there are dozens of spy applications for tapping cell phones. Such software is available on the web and will allow you to monitor any target phone in several clicks without much difficulty. It should be noted that overall technology of spy software remains the same, although each of them has its own unique pricing policy, set of features and selling points. You can read professional reviews of good surveillance application here.

Most phone tapping apps are equipped with a wide range of modern monitoring features. But still, every software has its own share of benefits and disadvantages, like non-rooted Android phones, non-jailbroken iPhones or some compatibility issues. You can read more about iPhone jailbreaking here and about Android rooting here. However, there is phone tapping software which works on all smartphones be it jailbroken or non-jailbroken and provides a full set of features at the same time.

With this software installed on your target mobile phone, you can easily find out all call details: whom your child, friend or spouse have been in contact with and when. Also, you can do it secretly!